Pirates of the Siren's Sea


What do you do when the people you trust the most betray you?

Tiadaria, the last Swordmage, was once one of the King's most trusted advisers. Now she's fallen out of favour and has been cast out of the realm she helped save from demons and dragons. When pirates start sinking ships off the coast of Dragonfell, Tiadaria offers her services to the realm, but the pride of Kings is not easily put aside.


Unwilling to let the Imperium fall, Tiadaria approaches the King's only daughter, a reclusive Princess unseen by the people for almost two decades. What happens next is a race against time as Tiadaria and her allies commit an act of treason to stop a corrupt sorceress from endangering the fate of the world.


Only a Swordmage can turn an act of sedition into salvation for the Imperium in this rousing fantasy tale of swords and sorcery.

I read this book in two days. I just couldn't put it down. Great characters and great story. Keep up the 
great work!!

-Amazon Review

I chose five stars because I simply love this story. Martin Hengst is quickly becoming one of my

favorite authors. Well crafted plots and twists, gorgeous mental scenery and the characters are just

downright spot on. I recommend this series to anyone who loves magic, adventure and mystery!

-Amazon Review



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